JGMaker G6 8.9inch Monochrome Resin Printer

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JGMaker G6 8.9inch Monochrome Resin Printer


-Orders for the G6 will be fulfilled in 48 hours by Express International Shipping which takes 7-12 days.
-Only 10 quantity is available for early-bird orders.
-Stay tuned for the launching live for the G6: https://www.facebook.com/JGmaker/posts/4510110719053230

JGMaker G6G6
JGMaker G5G5
X/Y Resolution 3840*2400 (4K) 2560*1600 (2K)
Build Volume 192*120*260mm (8.9-inch) 210*130*240mm (10.1-inch)
Printing Speed 60mm/s 20mm/s
Z-axis Resolution 25μm 1.25μm
Curing Process LCD curing only Curing & Post-curing integrated
Supported File STL, CTB STL, cbddlp
Build Platform Reticulate perforation platform Standard

Technical Specifications

  • Building Volume
  • X/Y Resolution
    3840*2400 (4K)
  • Z-axis Resolution
  • Printing Speed
  • Supported Resin
    405nm photosensitive resin
  • Light Source
    UV integrated light (405nm wavelength)
  • Supported OS
    Windows7/Windows8/ Windows10 (64 bit)
  • Rated Power
  • Supported File Types
  • Control Panel
    4.3”touch screen

Dimension and Weight

  • Product Weight
  • Printer Size
  • Package Weight
  • Package Size
JGMaker G6 : Larger Curing Volume

Larger Curing Volume up to 192*120*260mm inspires your imagination for larger curing possibility

JGMaker G6 : 4k Monochrome LCD screen

4k Monochrome LCD screen requires shorter layer exposure time with higher printing speed, ensures higher precision up to 0.05mm, delivers visible details.

JGMaker G6 reticulate perforation platform

Resin flowing through the reticulate perforation makes curing faster and easier for model adhesion

JGMaker G6  industrial grade linear rail

Linear Rail is built with industrial grade parts to deliver smoother performance with less friction and higher precision

JGMaker G6 resin flow detection

Featured with a smart sensor for real-time resin flow detection, reminds you of resin shortage and allows you a quick change out without spoiling the print for continued printing.

JGMaker G6 cellular matrix UV light source

High quality quartz lamp bead and matrix design for uniform UV light energy

JGMaker G6 double air filtering

Dual air filters equipped, with activated carbon gauzes to filter out mote all-round.

JGMaker G6 qualified nano-film

Nano-film with higher transmittance shorten reaction time to promote printing precision effectively.

Functional slicing enables smart support settings for whom is unfamiliar with print settings.

JGMaker G6 packing list