3D Printers and Profitability

The 3D Printing industry has seen rapid development and hyper-growth in less than a decade – and it is still unfolding. It is changing the manufacturing industry, and is now widely used in prototyping, architectural modelling, DIY creation, and we continue to discover new areas where it is being used. With this great growth potential comes many new business opportunities.

  • Relatively new-technology
  • Low market saturation and limited competition
  • High-demandfrom businesses in many diverse fields, such as design, prototyping, research and development, architecture, biomedical and engineering, just to name a few.
  • Further potential as an added revenue stream for your business(e.g. parts, consumables, support).

    We are looking for reliable partners 

    With 12 years history, JGMaker has offered a comprehensive range of 3D printers including desktop printer for personal hobby, commercial grade for business application, and industrial grade for manufacturer purpose. For more information about jgmaker brand history, you can simply click here to find out.

    Currently, we are looking for qualified, experienced and capable businesses or individuals, to help expand our global network. We are dedicated to producing a full complement of printer models to match the needs and price points of every application – from creative fields to prototyping and manufacturing.

    Our first commitment is to serve our clients. Our partners will always be given the highest level of respect and trust, as we are looking to build long-term relationships with our distributors.

    Benefit of joining the JGMaker reseller and partner program

    The JGMaker Reseller and Partner Program is designed to create committed, long-lasting and rewarding relationships with our partners and resellers. Listed below are some of the benefits and features of joining the JGMaker Reseller and Partner Program:

    Regular launches of new and innovative products: We know that our products are the key foundation to your business success. We invest significant time and effort into global market research, and consult with our partners and users, in order to understand the end-user challenges, needs, and desires, before we begin to design innovative new products.

    Professional support for partners: Since 3D printing is a complex industry, offering  professional after-sales support is essential in this industry to win new customers. Our experienced support team is ready to handle your issues and connect with your clients too.

    Competitive distributor pricing: We understand that a competitive market price is key for you to move stock, generate profit, and to keep growing your business. Our goal in this area is a win-win result for both parties – and for your customers too.

    Business Promotion: We know that growing the reputation of your business is challenging, requiring effort, time and skill. As a JGMaker partner, we will collaborate with you to promote your business through our various platforms, including social media, our website, and other avenues as well.

    Finally, it does not matter if you’re interested in selling our products as a large-volume distributor, or you’re just looking to make a single bulk order from JGMaker. We will always give you our highest standard of customer support.

    Become a partner in 3 simple steps

    • Send an email with your company information to marketing@jgmaker3d.com.
    • Answer the questions that we send you;
    • We will review your reseller application and let you know the outcome.

    For any wholesale inquiries please send to marketing@jgmaker3d.com, we will evaluate your request and then contact you by email. We are keen to collaborate!

    Our Clients

    jgmaker business partner

    OEM/ODM Services

    We understand that some clients may wish to build their own brand, and may even wish to develop new or customised product offerings. JGMaker is a versatile 3D printer manufacturer, with proven experience and ability to bring concepts and ideas into viable solutions. We have the in-house capability and R&D resources to make your OEM / OEM visions a glowing success! 

    We work with individuals and companies at all stages of design and manufacture, from concept to final prototype, in a concerted effort to bring industry-leading products and services to reality, in order to meet your requirements.

    Once a client provides us with their detailed design concept specifications, we will evaluate the design, and inform the client of the total costs, for design, prototyping, and estimated cost per unit, before the project begins.

    JGMaker will work with clients until they are satisfied that all original design requirements are met, and the product performs exactly to client expectations. 

    In order to respond to market demands, and rapidly offer a suitable solution, JGMaker offers board-level and system-level customized design and integration services, for the broader 3D printer market.

    Critically, experience has shown us that maintaining fluid and prompt communications throughout the project are key to achieving a successful outcome. For this reason, we recommend the use chat software such as skype or zoom, and propose regular (weekly or monthly) discussions throughout the project. We know that close collaboration ensures your project goes smoothly, and helps to avoid the potential for any misunderstandings.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at marketing@jgmaker3d.com for any further information.