In order to improve using experience of JGMaker machine, we always release our source code and expose at different community whenever it is ready. We really wish all of our customers can get highest satisfaction by using our product, you are welcome to contact us if you have any great suggestions for our product.

JGMaker Slice Software

JGMaker Slice software JGcreat 5.2.5

JGMaker R1

JGMaker R1 firmware 20230912

JGMaker R1 source code

JGMaker R1 user manual

JGMaker R1 simple set up guide

JGMaker Official Github 

JGMaker Github ( Latest Firmware by Communicty) 

JGMaker Artist D 

JGMaker Artist D User Guide (English)

JGMaker Artist D User Guide (French)

JGMaker Artist D User Guide (Portuguese)

JGMaker Artist-D SD Card

JGMaker Artist D Original Firmware

JGMaker Artist D  Firmware 20210415

JGMaker Artist D Source Code

JGMaker Artist D Part Cooling Fan Duct Stl

JGMaker Artist D PVA & PLA Cura Profile.3mf

JGMaker Artist D TPU & PLA Cura Profile.3mf

JGMaker Artist D PLA Cura Profile.3mf

JGMaker Artist D & Artist D Pro Cura 4.8 Profile.3mf

JGMaker Artist D Purge Bin box Stl

JGMaker Artist D GitHub ( Firmware From Community)

JGMaker Artist D IDEAL MAKER Profile ( Recommend)


JGMaker Artist D Pro 

JGMAKER Artist D Pro Firmware Auto Leveling Version 20221125 (without Z limited switch)

JGMAKER Artist D Pro Firmware Auto Leveling Version 20221115 (with Z limited switch)

JGMaker Artist D Pro Firmware 20210608 

JGMaker Artist D Pro Firmware 20210415  

JGMaker Artist D Pro GitHub ( Latest Firmware)

JGMaker Artist D Pro Source Code V 2.3.2

JGMaker Artist D Pro Auto Leveling Version User Guide (English)

JGMaker Artist D Pro User Guide (English)

JGMaker Artist D Pro SD Card

JGMaker Artist D Pro Manual (German)

JGMaker Artist D Pro Source code without Z limited switch

JGMaker Artist D Pro Source code with Z limited switch


JGMaker Magic  

JGMaker Magic User Manual Guide (English)

JGMaker Magic User Manual Guide (Portuguese)

JGMaker Magic User Manual Guide (Italian)

JGMaker Magic User Manual Guide (French)

JGMaker Magic User Manual Guide (German)

JGMaker Magic Source Code 

JGMaker Magic Firmware Marlin 1.1.9

JGMaker Magic Cura Profile


JGMaker G5 /G5 Pro

JGMaker G5 User Guide

JGMaker G5 Pro User Guide


JGMaker G6 

JGMaker G6 User  Guide (English)

JGMaker G6 User Guide (Deutsch)

JGMaker G6 ChiTu Profile


JGMaker A1 

JGMaker A1 Firmware

JGMaker A3S   

JGMaker A3S User Guide 

JGMaker A3S Firmware 

JGMaker A3S Source Code


JGMaker A5S  

JGMaker A5S User Guide 

JGMaker A5S Source Code 

JGMaker A5S Firmware (20220829)

JGMaker A5S Firmware (20210427)

JGMaker A5S Cura Profile


JGMaker A6 

JGMaker A6 User Guide 

JGMaker A6 Firmware

JGMaker A6 Source Code


JGMaker A8S 

JGMaker A8S User Guide


JGMaker A9 

JGMaker A9 User Guide