Company Overview

JGMaker was established in 2009, which is a professional 3D printer R&D and manufacturer in Shenzhen China. We have been dedicated to research and develop 3D printing technology for over a decade, which is able to provide customers with various types of professional 3D printers used in different fields, such as art designing, education developing, protyping,medical researching, aviation industry, DIY purpose and industrial mold designing.

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A Glorious Trip of 12 years  

Don't forget the original intention, always have to go. We firmly believe that as long as we stick to our original intention, keep going and continue to provide customers with better products and services, leave away failure and able to hold in the future. Twelve years of vicissitudes and hard work, it never stop us from carrying forward even with burdens and obstructs. NEVER GIVE UP! 

The original aspiration "continuously bring customers with better products and service" always kept in mind that push us to continue with products upgrading, one-to-one customer-orientated technical guidance and training, create a better 3D printing environment for customers.

The facts that develop from 0 to 1 and become the 3D printing industry-leading company in these decade years have proved that we live up to this expectation.

We’re leading in 3D printing for one reason: we work with the best people. Every day we move forward to push the limits of our industry thanks to our incredible team. They’ve made us who we are today and continue to work on ground-breaking projects that empower global businesses.


Customer Satisfication

As JGMaker assures its customers quality products at reasonable prices, easy to use 3D printers and peripherals, professional customer service, fast shipment, a full investigation and rectification of all complaints. We have obtained high satisfaction rate from market, and keep growing rapidly every year, so we went to public at 2017 at New Third Board in China and passed National Emerging Enterprise Certification, the stock number is 871953.

We strive to deliver individualized solutions to all our client's printing needs and add value to all of our clients. We believe in treating our clients as we wish to be treated – our integrity is never to be compromised.  

For more information about our reseller program, check here.

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Oversea Warehouse

We totally understand that waiting for a product for a long time could be tedious and anxious. In addition, JGMaker set up overseas warehouse accordingly and provide fast and free shipping to enhance your shopping experience.

Quality Control

Always maintain strict quality assurance guidelines to ensure that every part we produce fulfills customer needs and represents our industry-leading standards. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of a stringent system that ensures superb security and traceability of all parts produced in our facilities.

R&D Advantages

We have 12 years R&D experience in 3d printing industry and has gained over 50  core patents of independent intellectual property rights, time can prove a lot.

Trusted by industry leaders

JGMaker is trusted to help some of the world’s top companies stay ahead of the
competition, our proven technologies let them work faster, more creatively and with reduced costs across their operations. On top of our industry-leading printers and materials, we also provide decades of knowledge, consulting, training, workflow management and end-to-end support.


We dedicate to produce technological innovation and development, creating high-quality products which allowing consumers to enjoy the efficiency and convenience brought by 3D printing at affordable price.
We endeavor to build a 3D printing ecosystem and create value for our customers, shareholders and society with the spirit of "Diversity and innovation", and making the world more beautiful and convenient due to 3D printing!
Core Value
Integrity and trustworthy, embrace Challenge and Keep Innovative, and commitment to serve our clients and partner will always be based on the highest level of respect and trust.

Our Community

We have our own user group at social media platform that discussing about 3d printer tips and tricks, machine experience, and other related knowledge.You can always get massive support from our community. 

The Future

We continue to connect our customers with the solutions they need to transform their business through their own manufacturing innovation.