JGMaker A6

  • JGMaker A6 - JGMaker3D
  • JGMaker A6 - JGMaker3D
  • JGMaker A6 - JGMaker3D
  • JGMaker A6 - JGMaker3D
  • JGMaker A6 - JGMaker3D
  • JGMaker A6 - JGMaker3D
  • JGMaker A6 - JGMaker3D

JGMaker A6


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Maker-Bot Structure

H-Bot Structure

Motion Rail

Trapezoidal Screw

Ball Screw

Printing Volume



Stepper Motor Quantity



Technical Specifications

  • Layer Resolution
  • Layer Thickness
  • Stock Nozzle Diameter
  • Nozzle Temp
  • Heated Bed Temp
  • Print Speed
    10~150mm/s (suggested 30~60mm/s)
  • Supported Print Materials
    PLA/ABS/TPU 1.75mm
  • Build surface
  • Connectivity Working Mode
    SD card
  • File Format
  • OS Compatibility
    Windows XP/ Win 7/ Win 10

Dimension and Weight

  • Product Weight
  • Printer Size
  • Package Weight
  • Package Size

jgmaker a6

CNC metal design structure ensures higher precision, excellent stability and less vibration. Meanwhile keeps a balance for uniform temperature of nozzle and bed.

Upgraded to larger build volume up to 300*200*200mm which inspires your imagination for more printing possibility.

Motion bearings are industrial parts deliver smoother motion with less friction for more accurate movement.

Fearless of sudden power loss or accidental unplug of SD card, all can be recovered with the smart resuming function that keeps the printer working after reinsert and power on.

A smart sensor is equipped to detection whenever there is a filament shortage or breakage, detected and paused your print for resuming print after new filament feeds in.

Less torque is required for feeding with gapless connection, various material handlings are supported with PLA, TPU as well as ABS, Wood etc.

Automatically in dormant state after printing finished, energy-saving and keep you away from disturbing of light and voice.

Brand power supply, more trustworthy with better quality and service, ensures stability and safety for operation.

Properly designed with enough space for further maintenance, convenient observation for real-time printing process.

Shorter response time is required for intelligent optical switch, smartly enhance the motion accuracy and precision.

4.3’ HD touch screen together with new UI design deliver easier and convenient operation.

Accurate positioning of the leveling point with big enough adjustable knob make leveling just a piece of cake.

Innovatively designed nozzle kit enhances heating process, feeding smoother to avoid clogs effectively.

High-performed chip together with THB6128 two-phase hybrid motor driver combined to deliver higher precision and silent printing environment.

The platform made of borosilicate glass with higher temperature resistance feature that transfers heat uniformly to prevent models from warping effectively and easier for models removal and adhesion.

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