Xi'an Jiaotong University Once Again Uses JGMAKER 3D Printer to Help Academic Research

With the continuous development of science and technology, 3D printing technology has been maturely applied to various fields, especially in the field of education, where the research and application of 3D printing technology are becoming more and more popular.


Broadly speaking, 3D printing can not only improve students' creativity and design capabilities in education, but also provide visual demonstrations of rigid knowledge in the classroom, which helps to deeply understand subject knowledge. At the same time, teachers can also use the Visualizations of 3D printing to improve spatial education. Especially in university, in addition to allowing students to understand the working principles of 3D printing on a larger scale, it has also been studied as a topic and applied in practice. Now, many universities and vocational schools have included 3D printing in their subjects.


Xi'an Jiaotong University started researching additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology in 1993, and it is one of the earliest unit in China to carry out research on additive manufacturing technology. After two decades years of development, Xi'an Jiaotong University has formed a variety of additive manufacturing processes and equipment, established a research team featuring engineering applications of rapid manufacturing systems, and made a series of achievements.

Recently, Xi'an Jiaotong University once again reached cooperation with JGMAKER and purchased a batch of large-size FDM 3D printers A9 Pro for academic research.


As the flagship product of JGMAKER industrial-grade FDM series 3D printers, A9 Pro is well received in fields such as education, scientific research, and industrial manufacturing. In addition to its large molding size of 500*400*600mm, it also has a fully enclosed sheet metal structure, which can not only control the chamber’s temperature well, but also effectively improve printing accuracy. At the same time, the built-in configuration of this machine is also fully loaded. The integrated equipment management system, advanced thermal control system, four-axis silent drive motherboard, high-flow and high-heat dissipation mosquito nozzle and other complete core configurations can fully guarantee the molding rate of 3D printing model.


In addition, it is worth mentioning that the A9 Pro also comes with a sealed consumables drying box, which can effectively ensure that the consumables are in a sealed and dry environment whether during the printing process or when idle, effectively reducing consumable losses, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


In fact, 3D printing technology, as the product of industrial society development to nowadays, is increasingly becoming an important support for various industries. In the era of "mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation", 3D printing is one of the most suitable tools we can use in this big trend.


The industrial field uses 3D printing to make up for the shortcomings of industry itself, and the same goes for education. Improving the quality of education through 3D printing is the most convenient and fastest way. As the earliest professional 3D printing R&D and manufacturer in China, JGMAKER will continue to increase its scientific research strength, innovate and provide more complete and suitable additive manufacturing tools for the growing scientific research field.

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