Vietnamese User Signed a Long-term Cooperation Agreement with JGMAKER


At the 2023 Vietnam International Electronics & Smart Appliances Expo that ended in July, JGMAKER once again confirmed its professional status in the field of 3D printing to market users with its excellent product performance and professional product display, and successfully signed long-term cooperation agreements with several local Vietnamese customers, further expanding its influence in the Vietnamese market.

Recently, Mr. Chen, a Vietnamese user who purchased an JGMAKER 3D printer at this exhibition, made a special trip from Vietnam to visit JGMAKER Shenzhen headquarters after using the product in past few months, conducted on-site inspections of JGMAKER company’s strengths and products.

The person in charge of overseas channels said that she was very happy to see that overseas users can have such trust in us through a short communication. "Mr. Chen spoke highly of the quality and performance of our company's products and expressed appreciation for our services. This time he made a special trip to Shenzhen for inspection, which fully reflects his trust in JGMAKER products and his expectations for cooperation between the two parties.

At Shenzhen headquarters, JGMAKER overseas team used enthusiastic and professional explanations to make Mr. Chen feel at home. The whole team's professionalism and attention to details also left a deep impression on him.

During the communication, Mr. Chen expressed high recognition for this visit to JGMAKER Shenzhen headquarters. He believed that this trip to China allowed him to feel JGMAKER’s R&D strength, strict quality control processes and continuous Innovative corporate culture. "I am very much looking forward to developing more in-depth cooperation with JGMAKER, I believe that JGMAKER 's products and services will be widely recognized and praised in the Vietnamese market."

At the same time, the responsible person of overseas channels also further emphasized, "We always adhere to user-center spirit and provide users with high-quality products and services. We cherish every cooperation opportunity with overseas markets, and Mr. Chen’s visit also gives us more confidence to carry out deeper cooperation in the Vietnamese market.”

   In terms of cooperation with users, JGMAKER always adheres to the principle of user first. The company is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to users everywhere, helping users better enjoy the convenience and fun brought by technology.

   Through this cooperation, JGMAKER will further strengthen its close cooperation with the Vietnamese market and continue to launch more 3D printing products that meet the needs of the Vietnamese market. At the same time, JGMAKER will also continue to optimize existing products and services and strive to provide better, more professional and easier-to-use 3D printing products for users around the world.

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