JGMAKER 15th Anniversary Celebration and New Products Launch Event

On July 28th, 2023, the 15th anniversary celebration of JGMAKER was successfully held in Ningdu, Jiangxi Province.

Hundreds of people including all employees of JGMAKER, leaders at all levels of Ningdu Party Committee, representatives of universities, special guests and representatives of partners gathered together to share the achievement of the 15th anniversary.

Mr. Chen Xiaohai, Chairman of Aurora Technology Co., Ltd firstly delivered a speech. In his speech, he reviewed the magnificent and glorious 15-year history of JGMAKER, thanked all employees and partners for their support and companionship over the past 15 years, and made a detailed plan for the future development. He said that in next step, JGMAKER will continue to work hard to expand its business scope, enhance its own strength and market competitiveness, comprehensively enter into the industrial-grade market, promote the upgrading of aerospace and military industries, and realize the lofty goal of “serve country with industry and strengthen country with science & technology”!

After 15 years of development, JGMAKER has become a leading enterprise in industry. Not only it has made great progress in technology, but also products are constantly introducing new ones. This year, JGMAKER has entered into the industrial field in all-round way. At this celebration, 4 new industrial-grade products are launched, they are:

1, JG-L2040(Laser Additive Manufacturing Equipment)

JG-L2040 is equipped with a leveling-free platform, the automatic feeding system and resin constant temperature chamber guarantee the stability of resin printing. The top quality frame material and Anisotropic Conductive Film(ACF)design make the service life of machine is longer.

2,JG-L2060 ( Laser Additive Manufacturing Equipment)

JG-L2060 adopts a sinking molding structure design, high-precision liquid level detection, detachable molding screen and intelligent operation control system, which greatly improves the intelligence of use, and high performance advanced motor drive and line forming technology provide great support for high-precision printing.

3, JG-S300 (Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment)

JG-S300 adapts a brand-new interactive system, equipped with smart layer thickness powder spreading adaptation, an upper powder supply control system, an intelligent reverse blowing filter system, and a high-efficiency three-stage filter system. Support various metal material such as stainless steel, superalloy, titanium alloy, and aluminum alloy.

4, JG-S450D (Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment)

JG-S450D adopts double laser beams for precise overlapping, which can ensure consistent molding in each area. The advanced flow field design will greatly improve the molding quality. The redundant design of oxygen sensor can provide real-time feedback on printing process to ensure key parameters. The dual laser two-way intelligent powder spreading system greatly enhances the production efficiency and at the same time, the machine is also equipped with an optional powder supply system and a high-efficiency reverse blowing filter system. The life of this filter can exceed 2000h.



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