JG MAKER at 2024 TCT Asia Exhibition

On May 7, 2024, the highly anticipated TCT Asia Exhibition officially kicked off. As a top additive manufacturing technology exchange platform in Asia, this exhibition has attracted the participation of numerous industry elites and leaders. As a well-known enterprise in the industry, JG MAKER made a stunning appearance at booth 7Q30 with its full range of 3D printing equipment and related application models, showcasing the company's latest achievements and technological strength in additive manufacturing to global users.
On the first day of the exhibition, the JG MAKER booth with the main color tone of "Aurora Blue" attracted the attention of many visitors. The full range of 3D printing equipment, including desktop grade, industrial grade, and other new products from multiple fields, has been unveiled one by one, meeting the needs of different users on site.

In industrial grade areas, covering SLM metal 3D printers SLA light curing 3D printer Industrial grade equipment such as FDM large-sized high-speed 3D printers and high-temperature high-speed 3D printers have demonstrated their unique characteristics and advantages to on-site users with cutting-edge technology and high-precision forming effects.

In consumer grade areas, the high-speed running equipment has attracted many users to stop, and the intuitive printing speed and molding effect easily help users better understand the performance of various products, opening up a new perspective for users.
At the same time, the numerous carefully crafted application models brought by JG MAKER have also been highly praised by on-site users. Through the display of these models, it not only reflects the widespread application of JG MAKER printing technology in different industries, but also demonstrates Aurora Innovation's strong capabilities in design and manufacturing.

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