What an Incredible Ending of JGMaker Artist-D at Kickstarter!

As we see, IDEX technology is a technology with several separate extruders that can operate independently of each other. This offers several advantages compared to a multi-extruder solution featuring only a single head.
It allows you to print multiple colors in a single model, without the need to purge the filament between each color change, so you save filament and the printing process is faster.
However, most IDEX 3d printer on the market is quite expensive so it stop lots of DIY lover because its high price, that is main reason why we set up much cheaper price than other brand, and the warranty for this printer is 3 years, which will give users much more confidence to have that.
We launched our project at 17th Sep,2020, and we reach the goal within 2 hours which is out of our expectation. At the end of project, we have raised $502,719 on the past 30 days, I am sure that we would not reach that far without kickstarter community support, thank you very much.

We even decide to develop a new model Artist D Pro as plenty of user is asking for touch screen and extra feature on machine. To be honestly, that was quite challenge task for us to develop a new product within such a short time, but we did it, and everything is on the track now.
We are Still Looking Forward to Your Participation
We've seen all your feedback and suggestion on Kickstarter community. Although we can not achieve all the suggestions at this time, but it will help us create better products in future product development.
We understand how important an active community it is, so we have opened our official user for artist d , and will release latest news with pictures or videos on there, feel free to join.
User Group link:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/artistd
With all devotion and dedication, we believe Artist D and Artist D Pro is going to be a real workhorse 3D printer which will lead you to enjoy your 3D printing journey.

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Gabriel Souza

Hello im here because the site of codes dont post more codes he stay in day 5 if you can send me the day 6, 7 and 8 codes i will be happy or just send me a 3d printer hehehehe pls :)

Gabriel Souza

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