Father’s Day: 3D Printing Gifts

Although Father’s Day is celebrated today in most countries around the world, it’s not always been that way. Going back to the  Middle Ages, it was observed on November 16 by only a few European countries, and not until 1910 was it an official holiday in the United States.

About Father's Day

Even now, it’s not celebrated on the same day everywhere. Nearly 100 countries have it set for the Third Sunday in June, including the US and most of Europe, while others mark it’s day in May, or July, etc., all the way up to December. However, some countries, unfortunately, don’t officially observe it at all. (Cite from Wikipedia)

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Regardless of the date, or the country, Father’s Day comes down to one simple tenet: Celebrate and honor that special ‘Dad’ in your life who supports and guides you and your family through life, from beginning to end.

I’m a Dad, soon to be a Grand-dad. And the Number One thing that comes to my mind is this: Spend time with your Dad. That means more than anything else. Taking them out for dinner is nice, helping around the house is great. But sometimes just sitting down with Dad and talking about life, yours and his, is better than just about anything else.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t getting him little something special to show how much you appreciate everything he has done for you. 

So, what do you do? 

Alright, Let JGMaker tell you how you can print a special gift for coming father's day.


3D Print It, Of Course!

If you’re like me, you got no woodworking, carving, sculpting, painting, or drawing skills of any kind. No ‘Art’ gene in there whatsoever. But a custom made gift for that personal touch is still possible with 3D Printing.

And there are tons of 3D models to choose from on a multitude of web sites like: Thingiverse, Thangs, Yeggi, Sketchfab, CGTrader, MyMiniFactor, Pinshape, just to name a few. Here are some ideas from a quick search on Thingiverse. I’m sure you can find more if none of these strike your fancy:

1. Customizable Movie Award                    

This one is my favorite. It’s a classic with just a hint of levity. Dads deserve awards, right? It’s hard work being a Dad. Actor’s have it easy: they just ‘fake it’! You can’t fake being a Dad. So why should actors get all the admiration?This model is split up so you can print each part in a different color so you don’t even need a multicolor 3D printer to make it. The text is customizable for what every you want (hint: “Best Dad”, “Greatest Father”, “Thanks Dad”) 

Customizable Movie Award by TheNewHobbyist

(By TheNewHobbyist)

2. Fathers Day Gift 

This one is a classic. From one angle it reads ‘Dad’, from another, its ‘I ♥ U’. While its not split up for multi color printing, you can still print the base in one color, pause the print and change the color for the letters. Gives it that extra personal touch. This would look great on the fireplace mantel, home office, or display case.

Fathers Day Gift by JKHBuilder 1

(By JKHBuilder)

 Fathers Day Gift by JKHBuilder

 (Another angle)

 3. Fathers Day Sculpture

A minimalist, modern art classic. Clean, refined, sharp, and emotive. I think we can all remember our Dad hoisting up onto his shoulders when we were too tired to walk. I know I do, I’m terrified of heights! Even as we got older, our Dads still figuratively did this for us in our times of need. Dads do everything they can for us so that we can rise even higher then they did. This print is a wonderful symbol of that endeavor. Sanding and painting this would really make it stand out as a work of art without all the labor of having to carve it yourself! It’s timeless.

Fathers Day Sculpture by MakePrintable

(by MakePrintable)

4. Fathers Day Wrench

OK, this one may be only minimally useful. It won’t hold up to much abuse like a real sold metal wrench. But I think its really cool because not only does it actually work, its a single print-in-place model that needs no assembly.

Father’s Day Wrench by STAmakers2

(by STAmakers2)

It’s a remix of the original, Fully assembled 3D printable wrench by barspin,

modified just for Father’s Day with the words “#1 Dad”

Fully assembled 3D printable wrench by barspin

(by barspin)

Dad’s are always the handyman around the house, coming to the rescue when something breaks. Remind him how much your appreciate that with this unique 3D Print.

Schraubenschlüsselhalter / Open-end wrench holder by Chileo:

Schraubenschlüsselhalter / Open-end wrench holder by Chileo

(by Chileo)

Maybe you want to go with something more useful. There’s a ton of tools and tool related items on Thingiverse that would be a great Father’s Day Gift. This is just one of them.

What good is a wrench if you have to dig around and find it? As Adam Savage once said: If you can’t find it, you don’t have it. Keeping tools organized and easy to get to makes doing those odd jobs around the house that much easier. So a wrench holder may be just what the Dad in your life needs to keep things at the ready for an emergency repair.

Perfect Gift For Dad

One final note: for years, I would spent countless hours and crazy money trying to find that ‘perfect’ gift for my dad. But as he always told me: “I already have everything I need”. Finally I realized, it wasn’t about what he wanted, or needed. He already had all that on his own. It’s about what I wanted to give him that said “I love you”, and “Thank you for everything”, from me.

I know now, from personal experience, that having something given to me, by my wife or my son, as a reflection of them and their appreciation of me, means more to me than any expensive watch, electronic, or gadget. Because when I look at it, when I hold it, I’m reminded of them and the wonderful times we shared together. At that, is priceless.

Hope these ideas have helped you find that special something for that special someone (Dad) in your life.

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P.S: A ‘Dad’, isn’t just your biological Father, its anyone you look up to who’s help guide you through the many twists, turns, bumps, and pitfalls of life. So take time this Father’s Day to show them how much they mean to you. Time is the most precious gift you could ever give. 

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