Ten perfect prints for the Halloween season

The spooky Halloween season is upon us and what better time to leverage your creative juices to design your own spooky additions to help decorate your home, garden or maybe your costume.
While many can design their own prints, there are lots of existing and freely available models out there that you can download and print to enhance your scare.
To make your life easier we have gathered together some sweet and spooky prints you can use.

Jack-O-Lantern Tea Lights

These are ideal additions to be placed in your windows as part of your home decorations. They are also ideal as table top additions to decorate your spooky Halloween party.
These can be downloaded from the following Thingiverse link.

Skull Lamps

Staying with home décor, these Skull lamps will add that nice eerie effect to your home to bring out the Halloween spirit(s) and maybe scare a few unsuspecting guests.
This is available on Thingiverse

Pumpkin Spider

For those looking for more of a challenge and open to multipart prints this Robot Pumpkin Spider will fit well into any garden. Add a little Cyber spookiness into you’re the traditional Halloween.
The Pumpkin Spider can be downloaded here.

Billy, the Doll from SAW

Its Halloween night, you are going house to house to build up your candy hoard. You approach a dimly lit house and you turn a corner and see this staring back at you. I don’t know about you but, this would make me stop in my tracks. Ideal for indoor or outdoor and does require some painting and creativity but what an effect.
If you want Billy to visit your home this Halloween download the necessary files here

TriSkullQuadraClops Candy Dish

Why store candy for trick or treaters in a pumpkin, everyone will be doing just that. Do something different like making them put their hands into this TriSkull Candy Dish. Maybe add a little bit of dry ice inside so they see the vapors flowing from the skulls.
You can download from this Thingiverse link

They say the Devil is in the details, Lucifer

You can’t have spooky without the source of all fear and evil. This Lucifer head would make a great addition. Don’t put up a scarecrow with a pumpkin head, put this Lucifer head on your scarecrow instead and light it from below. Pain the eyes with glow in the dark pints and watch the neighborhood kids’ reactions.
This head can be downloaded here

Plague Mask

With 2020 being a strange year and all the issues that Covid-19 and brought to our lives. While many countries still require masks when out and about, why not do it in style and a style that reflects 2020 with this Plague Mask
It can be downloaded here

What’s Halloween without Spiders

Halloween is not Halloween without spiders hanging from webs, dangling from the lampshades or skirting along the baseboards. These would make ideal additions to indoors or outdoors decorations. Hang some of these above your doorway or print some from glow-in-the-dark (phosphorescent) material so they stand out. Maybe strategically place on a light so it is projected as a giant spider on your walls.
The spiders can come alive by downloading them from here

Creepy Hand

We all need to have a creepy hand or two pushing its way out of our garden graveyard by a headstone to set the Halloween mode for the trick-or-treaters. Adding a few of these will really set the scene.
You can download this from here to add to your creepy Halloween collection

Mr. Bones

Skeletons go hand in hand for Halloween. A set of these would set off your spooky display. These can be articulated so you can post them in various positions. Have one sitting, one standing or one dangling from strings. Print one or print many and make a skeleton family.
You can download the files for this amazing display here.

Credit to: William Fin, feel free to check his profile.




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