Print Head Kit For A3S & A5S (Unassembled)

  • Print Head Kit For A3S & A5S (Unassembled)
  • Print Head Kit For A3S & A5S (Unassembled)
  • Print Head Kit For A3S & A5S (Unassembled)
  • Print Head Kit For A3S & A5S (Unassembled)
  • Print Head Kit For A3S & A5S (Unassembled)

Print Head Kit For A3S & A5S (Unassembled)

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The Print Head has a huge responsibility guiding the filament through to the hotend while keeping it cool and solid just up until it hits the heater block and is mercilessly jammed through an infinitely small opening for that perfect print – all the while ensuring there are no binds, jams, or clogs.

 So show it the respect it deserves with the genuine JGMaker Printhead Kit for the A3S and A5S 3D Printer!

 The J-Head is made of high-quality machined aluminum for excellent heat dissipation, while the 26mm PTFE lined throat further ensure heat-creep from the heater block doesn’t clog up the works. The all aluminum heater block with its 24V 30W heater core provides accurate uniform heat transfer to the E3D V6 style 0.4mm brass nozzle. And finally, the 100K Ohm NTSC Thermistor reports back accurate temperatures for smooth, excellent prints.

 Note: Kit comes unassembled. Not recommended for printing temperature above 245c due to PTFE (Teflon) fully lined throat.



Type: JGMaker A3S / A5S 3D Printer Print Head Kit
Material: steel, brass, aluminum

Filament Size: 1.75mm
Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
Compatibility: JGMaker A3S & A5S 3D Printers

 Package includes:

1 Machined Aluminum J-Head

1 M6 * 26mm Throat (Heat Break) for 1.75mm filament (PTFE lined)

1 Aluminum Heater Block

1 E3D V6 style 0.4mm Brass Nozzle

1 24V 30W Heater Core

1 100K Ohm NTSC Thermistor (Marlin Type 1 or 15)

1 heater-core screw clamp

1 thermistor screw clamp