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Filament Runout Detector For JGMaker Artist D & Artist D Pro

Suitable for 1.75mm filament, The main board executes the pause command operation automatically when filament run out. In the event of your filament running out, Our Artist D will detect this and pause your print so you can fit a new spool of filament and resume the print, saving you from failed print disaster!

1. Whether global free shipping or not?

Answer: It is not global free shipping .we only provide free shipping for USA and some Europe country.

2. I can not place the order, what is going on?

Answer:So far, our website can only sell product to USA and Most europe country, you can purchase printer from our local reseller. Beside,  if you need any help from us, feel free to contact, we are more than happy to help you.

3. Why do I need to pay for remote area fees?

Answer: Due to Express company (DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, etc.) delimit different areas as remote area based their standard. So we do not know whether your address is a remote area before we get your address information . so, if your address is the remote area, need to pay remote area fees.  

4. Why my order always does not have detailed tracking information ? and How Do I track my parcel?

Answer: after your payment is confirmed, we need 1-3 days to handle the order, then send it to Express company. Express company needs check and records, then arrange delivery. As standard, it needs 3-5 days to update first tracking information. Please contact the buyer servicer if there is no information within 7 days.  You can track your parcel at by typing your tracking number. 

5. Why do I need to pay tax for our local Express or local customs?

Answer: if your local Express company charges your money, please ask them for the reason? 

About customs charging fees. Every country customs has different Import and export tariff systems, if you want to avoid customs fee, please contact our service about your request.  

6. How many days will I receive my printer?

Answer: It usually take 5-15 days to receive your product after we ship out. 

7.Can I cancel/modify my order?

If you haven't received the shipping notification, please e-mail with your order number and your request to cancel/modify, we will try to accommodate your request before your order enters processing at our warehouse.

Our customer service will help you cancel or modify the order within 24 hours after receiving your email. Since the email is not an instant reply, we may find that your order has been sent when we process your email within 24 hours. In this case, we can only say sorry for that, and we can't help you cancel or modify the order anymore. So please check the order information carefully before placing the order.

If you have received the shipping notification, please note that we CANNOT cancel or modify orders anymore. Therefore, please wait for your package to arrive and you may either keep it or contact us to return for refund. Please DO NOT refuse the delivery as the undelivered package will be destroyed by the third-party logistics.

8.How to Obtain Warranty Service

If a product does not function as warranted during the warranty period, you may obtain after-sales service by contacting us through email or facebook message, and let us know what we can do to help you. We will reply you in 24 hours (except weekends) and give you further information and some useful advice.

Please remind that we do not accept returned items that were sent back by you directly without checking with us first.
Here is our return policy:

9.If you purchase a 3d printer from our site, where the printer will be shipped from?

There are different options on our website, such as the US, EU, China, Russia

10.What to Do Before Obtaining After-Sales Service

(1) Buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase 

(2) JGMaker must document what happens when buyers troubleshoot the product

(3) The defective item’s serial number and/or visible proof depicting the defect are required

(4) It may be necessary to return an item for quality inspection

Company Overview

We started in 2009 and have developed into one of the most trusted manufactuer in 3d printing industry In China.We specialize in developing, producing, and online retailing 3d printers and accessories which could be applied in manufacturing, automobile, creative arts, as well as prototyping and DIY makers. 

We have been committed to increasing the research and development strength, gathering the high-class talents of software, hardware and networking to form a research and development center of 3d printing.

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Customer Satisfication

As JGMaker assures its customers quality products at reasonable prices, easy to use 3D printers and peripherals, professional customer service, fast shipment, a full investigation and rectification of all complaints. We have obtained high satisfaction rate from market, and keep growing rapidly every year, so we went to public at 2017 at New Third Board in China and passed National Emerging Enterprise Certification, the stock number is 871953.

We strive to deliver individualized solutions to all our client's printing needs and add value to all of our clients. We believe in treating our clients as we wish to be treated – our integrity is never to be compromised.  

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Oversea Warehouse

We totally understand that waiting for a product for a long time could be tedious and anxious. In addition, JGMaker set up overseas warehouse accordingly and provide fast and free shipping to enhance your shopping experience.

Our Mission
We dedicate to produce technological innovation and development, creating high-quality products which allowing consumers to enjoy the efficiency and convenience brought by 3D printing at affordable price.
Our Vision
We endeavor to build a 3D printing ecosystem and create value for our customers, shareholders and society with the spirit of "Diversity and innovation", and making the world more beautiful and convenient due to 3D printing!
Our Core Value
Integrity and trustworthy, embrace Challenge and Keep Innovative, and commitment to serve our clients and partner will always be based on the highest level of respect and trust.

Our Community

We have our own user group at social media platform that discussing about 3d printer tips and tricks, machine experience, and other related knowledge.You can always get massive support from our community. 

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