JGMaker Magic 220X220X250mm

  • JGMaker Magic 220X220X250mm
  • JGMaker Magic 220X220X250mm
  • JGMaker Magic 220X220X250mm
  • JGMaker Magic 220X220X250mm
  • JGMaker Magic 220X220X250mm
  • JGMaker Magic 220X220X250mm
  • JGMaker Magic 220X220X250mm
  • JGMaker Magic 220X220X250mm

JGMaker Magic 220X220X250mm

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Magic printers will be delivered locally, it usually takes 4-6 days to get your printers without worrying about custom tax.

The Ultrabase Glass Bed needs to ship from China separately, about 5-15 days.

JGMaker Magic
JGMaker A5S
JGMaker Artist-D Pro
Artist D Pro
Build Volume 220x220x250mm (8.6x8.6x9.8in) 305x305x320mm (12x12x12.5in) 300x300x340mm (11.8x11.8x13.3in)
Control Panel LCD Display + Control Dial Touchscreen Touchscreen
Power Supply Ordinary Built-in Power Supply Ordinary Built-in Power Supply Meanwell
Main Board Mega2560 (open source Marlin) ARM-based 32bit STM32 TMC2209 (32 Bits)
Extrusion Technology Bowden Style Bowden Style Direct Drive

Technical Specifications

  • Layer Resolution
  • Layer Thickness
  • Stock Nozzle Diameter
  • Nozzle Temp
  • Heated Bed Temp
  • Print Speed
    10~120mm/s (suggested 60mm/s)
  • Input Voltage
    AC110/220V (optional)
  • Output Voltage
  • Wattage
  • Supported Print Materials
    PLA/ABS 1.75mm
  • Positioning Accuracy
    X/Y: 0.012mm Z: 0.001mm
  • Connectivity Working Mode
    SD Card or Data Cable
  • File Format
  • OS Compatibility
    Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Dimension and Weight

  • Product Weight
  • Printer Size
  • Package Weight
  • Package Size
JGMaker Magic 3d printer: filament detection sensor

With filament detection sensor, Magic will pause and save the printing from running out of filament during the printing process.

JGMaker Magic 3d printer: auto leveling bl touch

Magic printers have thermal runaway protection enabled, preventing against out of control of temperature.

JGMaker Magic 3d printer: With resume printing feature

With resume printing feature, Magic will resume printing where the last print was stopped due to power shortage.

JGMaker Magic 3d printer: Removable FA printing platform

Removable print platform ensures stronger adheresion and easy removal for finished prints.

JGMaker Magic 3d printer: auto-feeding technology

With auto-feeding technology, Magic will unload and feed the filament automatically.

JGMaker Magic 3d printer: dual Y-axis rail

With dual Y-axis rail, Magic will secure higher printing accuracy.

JGMaker Magic 3d printer: full-metal base

Integrated sheet full-metal base ensures the stability for better printing performance.

JGMaker Magic 3d printer: right spool holder

With the design of right spool holder, we could replace filament real quick and in ease.

JGMaker Magic 3d printer: Semi-auto leveling function

Semi-auto leveling function will ease the leveling process and enhance leveling precision.

JGMaker Magic 3d printer: all accessories


JGMaker Magic 3d printer: certifications