JGMaker Artist-D Pro

  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro
  • JGMaker Artist-D Pro

JGMaker Artist-D Pro

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Artist-D-Pro is now in stock in the U.S., EU, Australia, Canada, Items will be shipped locally without worrying the custom tax. For stock in EU /Canada and EU are upgraded Auto bed leveling version.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro
Artist D Pro
JGMaker Artist D
Artist D
Build Volume 300x300x340mm (11.8x11.8x13.3in) 300x300x340mm (11.8x11.8x13.3in)
Control Panel Touchscreen LCD Display + Control Dial
Power Supply Meanwell Ordinary
Motor Driver TMC2209 (32 Bits) TMC2208 (32 Bits)

Technical Specifications

  • Layer Resolution
  • Layer Thickness
  • Stock Nozzle Diameter
  • Nozzle Temp
  • Heated Bed Temp
  • Print Speed
    10~120mm/s (suggested 60mm/s)
  • Supported Print Materials
    PLA/ABS 1.75mm
  • Positioning Accuracy
    X/Y: 0.012mm Z: 0.001mm
  • Connectivity Working Mode
    SD Card or Data Cable
  • File Format
  • OS Compatibility
    Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Wattage
  • Input Voltage
    AC 110/220v

Dimension and Weight

  • Product Weight
  • Printer Size
  • Package Weight
  • Package Size
JGMaker Artist-D Pro : single mode and mirror mode
JGMaker Artist-D Pro : 32-bit TMC2208 Steppers

32-bit TMC2208 Steppers has a resolution upwards of 256 individually smaller, high-res steps and thus less noise is generated in the coils of the motor.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro : Support Water Soluable Material

Support Water Soluable Material , Artist-D can print with soluable support filament such as PVA to produce more complex parts.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro : Magnetic Spring Steel Plate

Magnetic Spring Steel Plate ensures your print can get a good grip to it, to help prevent warping and failed prints. allows you pop off the prints without any tool, just spring the plate and your print will pop off.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro: Direct Drive Extruder

Direct Drive Extruder leads to faster retraction with more accurate extrusion, allowing you to not only print with more flexible materials but also have better overall extrusion.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro :Quick Hot End Replacement System

Quick Hot End Replacement System By pushing a botton beneath the filament feed idler, the combined nozzle and heatbreak drops out of the print head for swift replacement, should the situation of a clog arise.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro :Easy Assemble

Easy Assemble The Artist-D requires no special skills to assemble. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you love things that are simple but spectacular.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro : Linear Rail

Linear Rail It is built with industrial-grade parts—such as the X-axis linear rail—to deliver smoother performance with less friction and higher precision.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro :Dual Clean Brush

Dual Clean Brush This brush can prevent the inactive nozzle from dripping material on the print, spoiling the finish.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro : thermal runaway protection

Artist-D Pro has thermal runaway protection enabled, preventing against out of control of temperature.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro : Power Resume Printing Function

With Power Resume Printing Function, Artist-D Pro can resume your print from last layer anytime later.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro : Built-in Meanwell power supply

Artist-D Pro has Built-in Meanwell power supply, ensuring stable and sufficient power during the printing process.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro : filament runout sensor

With filament runout sensor, the printer beeps when your filament runs out to allow you to change the filament and avoid a failed print.

JGMaker Artist-D Pro printing models

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JGMaker certifications
JGMaker Certification #2

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