• JGMaker A8(ONLY IN USA)
  • JGMaker A8(ONLY IN USA)
  • JGMaker A8(ONLY IN USA)
  • JGMaker A8(ONLY IN USA)
  • JGMaker A8(ONLY IN USA)
  • JGMaker A8(ONLY IN USA)


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Note: The JGMaker A8 3D printer will be shipped from our US warehouse which will usually take 4-8 days without worrying about customs.

Large building size: Building volume is up to 350x250x300mm

Industrial linear guideway: Industrial linear guideway to create high accuracy positioning and extreme smooth printing effect.

Ball screw rod: Ball screw rod to create high accuracy positioning and long service life

Clean and neat structure: Fully closed metal structure with creative and friendly metal extruder cover, precise CNC components

Easy Filament Feeding: Dual feeding motor, filament feeding auto and easily

Patented Bullet type nozzle: Patented bullet-type nozzle was developed by JGMaker R&D team as per years of experience.it is heating uniformity, no clog

HBG glass heating bed high adhesion: easy to take off when cooling down

JGMaker A8 - big to achieve more
JGMaker A8 - larger size than what you imagine
JGMaker A8 manufacture by attentiveness
JGMaker A8: Printing model big size lamps
JGMaker A8 : six innovation break through points
JGMaker A8 : feeding by dual motors
JGMaker A8 : excellent performance
JGMaker A8  high positioning accuracy
JGMaker A8 - metal protective cover
JGMaker A8 stable performance
JGMaker A8 suitable printing enviroment
JGMaker A8 glass platform
JGMaker A8 totally enclosed type sheetmetal structure
JGMaker A8 - focus on each details
JGMaker A8 parameters
JGMaker A8 - the water pump model
JGMaker A8 printing models 1 toy car
JGMaker A8 printing model 2 dianosaur
JGMaker A8 more printing models
JGMaker A8 applications
JGMaker certifications